Career Opportunities

Rachelle Liu

Do you want a BREAKTHROUGH in your life? Or stay in the rat race?

3 years ago, i made a career switch & joined the financial services industry wanting to have a change. I didn't know how far i could go and didn't even dream this far.

Back then i was holding stable job and my bosses and colleagues are nice, but i wasn't motivated, even after the completion of my degree. I’m only age 26 and i feel that i had to try something different, i do not want to stay in the race rat. I want a BREAKTHROUGH.

That's when I decided to go out of my comfort zone.

I joined this industry with a reason. "To help the middle to lower class income and enhance their financial literacy". Thanks to my mum, I grew up with a habit of savings for future needs and jot down every single expenses I had. I was taught to differentiate the needs and want of my expenses. Therefore, I knew the importance of financial planning since young. I found an even stronger reason why I had to be in this industry. To reach out to more people and share with them how my clients including myself actually benefited from it.

The difference between WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BE is WHAT YOU DO.

I am recruiting now! Are you interested to venture into this industry and have a breakthrough?

I can help you achieve it !!

As long as you are:

  • Willing to learn
  • Hardworking
  • 21 years old and above
  • Minimum Diploma Certification
  • Fresh graduates or non-sales executives are welcomed too!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Building long term advisor to client relationship servicing model
  • Analyse and evaluate client’s financial status
  • Providing professional tailored financial solutions to meet client’s financial planning needs

What we offer:

  • Monthly allowances starting from $3000
  • Commission for every sales
  • Quarterly Bonus
  • Overseas incentive trips
  • 1 to 1 sales mentorship and coaching provided

Join me in the life changing decision.

There is a grooming allowance up to $500.00 for successful applicant